Antony Partos is one of Australia’s most awarded film composers. His passion lies in creating scores that blend both acoustic and electronic elements with an eclectic mix of exotic instruments.

His feature film credits include Jasper Jones and 99 Homes (winning the AGSC Award for Best Feature Film Score respectively in both 2016 and 2017), Animal Kingdom (AFI award for Best Feature Score), The RoverDisgraceThe Home Song Stories and Unfinished Sky (the latter two winning the AFI Award for Best Feature Score).

Antony’s scores for TV Drama include Wake in Fright (AACTA Award for Best Music Score in Television), Rake (AGSC Award for Best Music in a TV Series), The Slap (AGSC Award for Best TV Theme and Soundtrack), Mabo (AGSC Award for Best Music for a Telemovie) and Redfern Now (AACTA Award for Best Music Score in Television).

Other projects include the  Academy Award® nominated feature Tanna (winning both the AACTA and Film Critics Circle Award for Best Feature Score) and the  BAFTA nominated feature documentary Sherpa (AGSC award for Best Music for a Documentary along with Best Soundtrack Album).

Recent scores include ABC mini series Mystery Road (AACTA Award for Best Music Score in Television, AGSC Award for Best Music in a TV Series), the Lucas Films documentary The Director and the Jedi which had its world premiere at SXSW along with the HBO feature film, Fahrenheit 451 which premiered at The Cannes Film Festival.

Antony also recently scored for feature films Top End Wedding and I Am Mother, both of which premiered this year at Sundance Film Festival, and in collaboration with fellow Sonar composer Jackson Milas he scored the highly acclaimed Australian Drama series Bloom, which was released on Stan on New Years Day. 

Antony is a passionate environmentalist and is drawn to projects that are concerned with social issues and human’s impact on the world.


The outstanding original score by Antony Partos (“Animal Kingdom”) combines delicate electronic ambience, pulse-quickening drumbeats and haunting vocals by Lisa Gerrard.

Variety Film Review: 'Tanna' by Richard Kuipers


'Tanna' may not be the longest album of original score work, but it is one of the most spacial aware... for the way in which composer Antony Partos creates his cinematic soundscapes are, one by one, both alluring and masterful. 

Anne Carlini 'Tanna' Soundtrack Review at


Antony Partos’ subtle orchestral score is elegantly woven into Sam Petty’s outstanding sound design package.

Variety Film Review: 'Sherpa' by Richard Kuipers


A key element in this tapestry is the critical role given to Antony Partos' part-acoustic and part-electronic score, which completely achieves what the composer calls "a sense of the epic within the film without being melodramatic." Michod so trusted the score he periodically uses it instead of dialogue over key dramatic moments.

LA Times Movie Review: 'Animal Kingdom' by Kenneth Turan


Partos’ production is exquisite. Every sound, every tonality deserves its place. Even while the atmosphere closes in, even with the spectre of death and grief in the background, the instrumentation continues to breathe...

Most impressively, Partos manages to evoke a sombre atmosphere without allowing his score to ever feel weighed down. Lying somewhere between the pensive and the elegiac his music echoes the ambiguities of life; and stepping lightly across a fluid surface guides us to a place of reflection. 

Urban Cinefile Review: 'Walking on Water Soundtrack' by Brad Green